Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How does ice melt? Unit 2: day 4 Preparing Hearts for His Glory

The kids look forward to the hands on activity in their science book each week. This week it asked them to think of ways in which to melt their ice cubes quickly. The kids wrote down their guess and then excitedly set out to test their ideas!

DD 7 and DD 4 worked together. They tested ice in a cup sitting in the sun, they wrapped a cube in a t-towel, placed one in hot water and melted one in their hands...bbrrrr! They were running in between all of their cubes eagerly awaiting the moment the ice would melt and disappear, then they were off "Daddy, what time is it?". Then DD 7 would make a note of how long it took.

DS 10 also enjoyed doing this actvity. Although i think he thought it was a competition to see whose would melt the quickest and had to keep reminding him that he needed a whole ice cube! Not a small cracked piece to test!! LOL.

He decided to test one in his mouth but this is when I reminded him about using a whole ice cube! But he did a good job when he stopped cheating to win!

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