Friday, 12 October 2012

Little House in The Big Woods Activities Chapter 1.

Log Cabin:

Let children design their own log cabin, as inspired by it's description.


Where is Wisconsin? Look up some images and any interesting facts about Wisconsin. 

Animal Information Report:

Choose from one of the animals mentioned in the 1st chapter (wolves, bears, wild cats, muskrats, mink, foxes and deer) and research information about it. Share the information on a poster, in a book on a proforma.

Make a wagon:

These are our efforts :)

Grow Potatoes:

bucket potatoes, survival, gardening, TSHTF, preparedness, food storage

We have grown ours in an old sink ....

Balloon Games:

In the book the girls played with the blown up bladder of a pig. I didn't think I wanted to blow up a bladder, so I thought it would be fun for Adele to organise some balloon games for her family. She will be responsible for designing our family balloon events. She will be responsible for running the events. I know she will enjoy this :)

Homemade Sausages:

In the book they make pork and sage sausages. I will use this recipe from Deliciously organic to make pork and sage sausages with Adele.

Corn Husk Doll:

Adele thought this would be fun. And it was!!

I hope you are enjoying these activities as much as we are. Please follow our adventures as each week I post activities we plan to do for each chapter and then follow up with pictures of what we did.

If you have any other exciting activities that you have planned or have done, please comment below to share.


  1. Great! So happy to find this, we are getting ready to start Little House in the Big Woods for our read a loud next week.

  2. We planned on doing all this last term, but didn't get around to it, so it is a fun project for this term. Adele has decided to make a mobile about Wisconsin for her project. It is a work in progress :)

    Hope you have as much fun with it as we are :) Enjoy!