Saturday, 13 October 2012

Restarting homeschool after the move :)

We are still living in a cardboard city so homeschooling was not something that I had thought would happen this week. But when Adele's friend visited and brought some books with her, I had to find some of the girls books hidden away in one of our many piles! And I was really glad I did!

You see when I have too many options I find it hard to stick to one thing. Thankfully I only had what I could find and schooling went really smoothly. And we all really like our routine.

The girls started the week making and dressing paper bears.

Adele was thrilled that one of the books I found was their  How Great Thou Art, Art curriculum. Adele's task this week was to start an art journal.


We revisited the devotional below and have decided that it is easy and straightforward. So we will continue our journey in Egypt.

Avril and I restarted Teach your child to read in 100 Easy Lessons. And this time she is ready!

She has been practising writing her m's, a's and e's.

 I am reading through Avril's bible with the two littlies, My First Hands On Bible. We read Judges 6, Gideon's Sign From God. Throughout the reading there are actions for the kids to do. Here are the kids standing tall like a super hero.

 Here they are showing their muscles!

Part of our bible time, was to wash wet clothes to remind them of the wool cloth that Gideon left on the ground. We talked about how God shows He is with you by helping you.

So we filled the pool and put on the sprinkler. The kids washed their dolls and their clothes. Then they hung them out to dry.

Then it was a time of fun in the water...

 Avril decided that she wanted to start a nature journal too. So off she went with Adele onto the verandah and drew a picture of the backyard.

 Adele spent time writing her journal.

 This week saw two birthdays celebrated., Adeles' and Josef's. Unfortunately at Josef's both cameras were flat and I couldn't find my charger!!

But for Adele's party the camera was charged!

They started with hoop fun outside!!

 Then we had a sherbert straw hunt...

 Then we enjoyed our straws!!

 The girls then tried to design fashion for their dolls out of Al foil!!

 Pizza time!!

 Time for a Glow in the Dark hunt!


And whilst the marshmallows and chocolate were melting, they played spin a colour and painted their nails.

 S'Mores are ready!!

 Then the painting continued!

 After they had prettied their nails, it was time to pretty their faces!! lol Blindfolded makeover!!!

 Cake time!!

 It really has been an easy week schooling and partying :)

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