Saturday, 28 January 2012

Here is our week in pictures...

On my birthday Damon decided to surprise me and wash my car :) Adele baked me pancakes for breakfast and Avril confiscated my birthday present until the day!

This week we went on a nature walk collecting interesting items. Josef enjoyed chasing butterflies and picking flowers. Avril was frightened by some very loud dogs :) And Adele looked for interesting items to bring home.

When we got home we pulled out our nature journals and began sketching.
 Fern by Avril

Vase of Carnations by Adele

This week I bought some new chalk so the kids decided to decorate the house!

 Adele's Tropical Island

Success!!! They are eating my yoghurt!! Yay!!!

Josef decided he wanted to pull Adele on the swing as I pushed him :)

 That was our last week of holidays. Back to school Tuesday!!

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