Saturday, 14 January 2012

Our week in pictures...still on holidays :)

 Firstly I would like to say ' I love Opshops'!!! This week I picked up a never used Mistral Whirly Ice cream maker for $10. I was so excited!!! I immediately made fresh strawberry soft serve and it was yum!

 Avril decided that this week she would like to make Scotch eggs. Now I had always wanted to attempt this but never had the guts :) But thanks to Pinterest I found a very straight forward recipe, even the kids could help.  And they turned out so yummy that even my fussy 2 year old ate one!! Or so I thought...until I found the pile of ants demolishing the egg!! lol. But he enjoyed the sausage meat.

 Josefwas getting organised this week in his room moving around his furniture (toys!!). He decided that a nice comfy seat was needed for his piano :)
 Damon and I played his new game this week...Robo Champ put out by Lego.

 Guess who the champion was :)

Guess who got behind in the washing!!!
 I ended up with a mountain of folding!! But before that happened the kids used it as a comfy spot to watch a movie.

The other night we decided to have a family sleepover in the loungeroom. The kids had heard me talk about my childhood sleepovers and wanted to try it out! So we ordered pizzas, watched some movies, had snacks and stayed up until midnight :) ...well some of us! Josef and Avril crashed in their beds before midnight. 
 Damon made himself a cubby to sleep in...which ended up being really breezy and cold as mum forgot to shut the window!!
 Adele made herself a bed on the armchair (look no folding!!). And mum...well....mum tried to sleep on the lounge but soon snuck off into bed as sleep was needed!

At last summer has arrived after a cool start. This week we headed to the beach for a swim. The big kids loved the large waves. Josef hated the large waves and Avril stayed in the shallows jumping and splashing. We made sand castles and the big kids got eaten alive by, what I think might have been sea lice! Poor things! Haven't experienced that before :) But it hasn't put us off, we'll be back next week. We just love the beach!
 Slip, Slop, Slap - hat was close by :)

The kids and I had wanted to visit the Drive In theatre for ages. This week we had the opportunity!! The kids were so excited! Movie, snacks and another late night :)

One thing I love about summer is the lighter evenings. After dinner tonight I set up an obstacle course for the kids. We hadn't done this for so long and they were all so excited. They had to jump, slide, run, kick and rock their way through the course.

Well that was our week. We are still on holidays for the next 2 weeks, just relaxing and taking it easy before returning to our year of homeschool.

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