Monday, 23 January 2012

A week to remember.

This week was spent learning from God's word at our churches evangelical holiday program. I enjoyed joining in the adults cafe where we had great inspirational talks/workshops, we heard wonderful testimonies of Gods' greatness and connected over a yummy morning tea.

The kids enjoyed bible teaching, games, singing and fellowship with others. The team was wonderful and they were so dedicated to spreading God's word and love.

At the end of the week they had a dress-up day. Adele dressed up like a lost sheep. She made a sheep mask. Avril was to dress like an explorer. She made some binoculars and a drink bottle. Josef thought it looked like fun and dressed up too. Damon put on a pirate eye patch! lol

Damon was thrilled this week as he thinks that he found his frog Liam who escaped his tank :)

Adele has become inquisitive about kites and has spent the last few days exploring different ways to make them. Firstly Adele and Avril used felt to create a diamond design. 

They next took them outside to test them out :)

Avril was very kind and let Josef try out hers.

Adele also decided to test out a plastic bag kite, which she thought was brilliant as the wind picked it up!

This week we had a wonderful invitation to gather with some good friends in the park for a BBQ. It was wonderful gathering with friends and watching the kids take off and play.  

 'Go on Julia strike a silly pose!'

It was a busy week for us out every morning at the church but we have connected with so many people, learning and spreading God's wonderful love. It was certainly a week to be remembered :)

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