Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Looking into my cooking ingredients....Coconut Oil.

As we have been changing our diet, I have been faced with using ingredients that I had not previously heard about. So I am going to share some of the health benefits that I have discovered from researching the products. I will start with:

Coconut Oil...

I have discovered that Coconut Oil is great for your body inside and out!!! It is great for hair, skin, immunity, weight, healing, stress, bones, teeth, kidney and liver, heart,,,etc, etc....!!!

1. Coconut Oil contains vitamins E and K and essential minerals such as iron and magnesium which your bones absorb. Increasing the health of your bones!

2. Coconut Oil stops tooth decay.

3. Helps in the control of blood sugar and improves secretion of insulin.

4. When stressed use it for a gentle head massage and feel your mental fatigue fade away. It is soothing.

5. It is a preventative for liver, kidney and gall bladder diseases. And it helps dissolve kidney stones.

6. It can be used as an insect repellant when mixed with peppermint oil extract.

7. Helps prevent various heart problems including cholestoral and blood pressure.
8. Improves Digestive system, preventing various stomach and digestion problems. The saturated fat (which is not harmful as in vegetable oils) has anti-bacterial properties.

9. Helps in absorption of other nutrients.

10. Helps in taking off excess weight. It is easy to digest and helps in a healthy thyroid. It increases the body metabolism.

11. It strengthens the immune system.

12. When applied to skin infections it forms a protective layer that protects the infected area. It speeds up healing of bruises.

13. It kills viruses. It kills bacteria that causes things like ulcers, throat infections, pneumonia etc..
14. It is great nutrition for your hair. Helps keep hair free of dandruff, lice and lice eggs.

15. It is a great massage oil, moisturiser. Has been found to delay wrinkles and sagging. And it is a treatment for psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

I had no idea when I started cooking with this oil, that it had so many benefits! I now use it as a moisturiser and my skin has never been better. My hands which dry out in winter are much better. I have also put some into the bath with the kids and their skin is so soft, and smells so good after their bath!! I am continuing my search on uses for coconut oil as I can see it becoming a very useful item in our home.

Do you use coconut oil??? What for??  Please share as I am very interested in new ways to use it :)

I am including a recipe I just found using Coconut Oil in making home made chocolate!!!

Head to Natural Health Strategies for the procedure....

How to Make Chocolate: The Basic Ingredients
  • 5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil
  • 5 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 5 tablespoons of finely grated coconut
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar (see notes below)
  • 1 pinch of salt
Optional Ingredients
  • If you have natural vanilla extract, a few drops are a wonderful addition.
  • a pinch of powdered cayenne pepper
  • whole, chopped, or ground walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • fresh mint
  • raisins or other chopped dried fruit
Use your imagination to add to this list!
Please note that there is very little that is “hard and fast” in this recipe, and very much that can be varied according to your preference, including the amounts and proportions of the main ingredients. That’s one of its beauties!

Sourced from Natural Health Strategies...link above.


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