Friday, 8 June 2012

Six weeks week off!!!

This is our week's break. We have schooled for six weeks and now we have chosen to have a week off to recharge and look at what we achieved.This is something I discovered on a blog once. A family was schooling for six weeks and then they had a week off to recharge and think about where they were headed. And this is such a wonderful idea!!! Then you school another six weeks, taking four weeks off at the end! I don't know how I'll go with the four weeks off but I'll update!! :)

This past week my girls have completed their dairy free period. But before it ended Adele wanted to attempt to cook a dairy free chocolate cake. She searched the internet and then followed the recipe to create her cake.

She is such a wonderful hostess!! She gathered the cake to the table, brought over plates and served everyone. She was so sweet.

And her cake was so yummy!!! Well done Adele!!

This is just a snap I took during the week, so sweet!!

During our week off the girls had decided that they were going to create clothing for their dolls. I watched in pleasure as the girls designed, cut out and sewed their creations.



The girls had decided during this week that they were going to design their own rag dolls.

Then they cut the designs out.

Then they both had a go sewing up their creations.

And here are their creations!!

The dolls in their new outfits were so thankful that they decided to help clean the windows!!! Lol.

Then it was time to meet their new friends....

During the week we also enjoyed some movie and popcorn time together...

Later in the week we met up with friends at the ice skating was COLD!!!

First they needed the skating frames...then they were off on their own!

Friday is a day we always look forward to as we hang out with friends....

And the kids play...

The kids were a bit spoilt this week!! More friends and a sleepover!!

But over all a fantastic recharge and we are all set to continue on next week, after a wonderful break.

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