Friday, 22 June 2012

We are all sick!!

This week we took it in turns to be sick :( So we had a pyjama week...a snuggly week and a relaxing week. 

Adele and I continued our journeys in Genesis to Deuteronomy and Egypt. We tracked Abraham's journey in Canaan.

 We talked about truthfulness and the consequences of untruthfulness.We discussed how deceit breaks relationships and trust. We discussed how to make right these relationships if we are ever untruthful.

We discussed that a lie is like an arrow leaving the mouth and piercing the receiver in the heart. The same as unkind words, once they leave the mouth, they can't be stopped and there is no pretending they didn't happen. And there are always consequences.

 Josef took this photo of Adele :)

The following day it was Adele's turn to fall ill :( But after reading Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian, she decided to start writing a script. So she huddled on the lounge, blanket and all, to begin writing.

Avril and Adele had fun this week creating cubby houses behind our new lounge chairs.

Josef and Avril enjoyed some sunshine together making mud pies :)

And we all had a game of Giant snakes and ladders. 

Josef and Adele found the plasticine...

And we all made bagels...

Even Chocolate orange ones..

 There were great dollops of chocolate throughout my bagel :)

 Today the younger two made bird feeders out of a toilet roll, peanut butter and birdseed...

And we placed them outside...

Adele decided today would be a great day to make sock puppets...

A sick week but those of us who were well on odd days found lots of creative ways to amuse ourselves :) Adele even managed to do some math and english studies!! 

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  1. Don't you just love the Simply Charlotte Mason resources. They are so great to use with lots of different ages and achievable. I like them anyway. Hope you are recovering.

  2. We do love the Simply Charlotte Mason resources :) We are using it as a springboard for exploring character and other stuff that interests us in more depth.

    And thanks we are recovering :)

  3. You guys accomplished a lot for being sick. The bagel looks yummy! Thanks for linking up on the NOBH

  4. We weren't all sick at the same time :) My son was sick for first half of week and as the week went on his germs contaminated the rest of us!! lol (well I can laugh now that I am nearly over it!)

    Thanks for dropping by :)