Friday, 29 June 2012

A slow, slow week!!

At the beginning of this week I thought we were past all the sickness!! But I was wrong! Adele and Avril became sick during the week, and we were all quite tired as our bodies recovered. So we had quite a slow week.

But before they became sick this is what we did...

Avril collecting grass for our pictures of the flaming bush story in the Bible, Exodus 3: 1- 10. We made a picture of a bush and fire that didn't burn. These posters remind us to listen to God as Moses did in the story.

Whilst we were outside we checked out our bird feeders. We were delighted to discover that the birds had enjoyed their treat.

Avril did some more MEP maths.We focused on counting to five, shapes and more than, less than and equal to, left and right.

Josef enjoyed the grapes.

Adele got sick!

Avril and Josef played trains...

When they were feeling a little better. We read Genesis 21: 1 -2, about Isaac's birth. We learned how God can always be trusted and that we must have faith in him. This lesson on faith led to trust games being played. First an obstacle course, blind folded...

Josef joined in too!!! But we weren't allowed to direct him, we just stopped him from bumping into things!

Next we did the exercise where you fall backwards into someones arms, trusting that they will catch you.

They really enjoyed this game. This game was followed with an Old Testamentt Character sheet which we filled out about Isaac.

Avril loves helping me in the kitchen. In this picture she has decided to help me make caramelised bananas for her porridge.

We were all well enough Friday for our usual Friday hangout! We had a houseful of kids today :) Here are some of them helping to make a coconut, orange cake.

Here are some shots from today...

I am hoping and praying that we have more energy next week :)

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