Friday, 3 February 2012

Homeschool has restarted!! :)

This week we started back at school. This year our school looks a little different and I feel a lot more relaxed - thankfully! Our homeschool is reflecting that.

We started back this week with a trip to the park for Bible time and nature studies. We all gathered on a picnic rug and read a Parable of Faith. We prayed and then we explored our surroundings.

See the homemade binoculars :)

 Damon collecting interesting things to take home.

 Damon searching for water wildlife.

 Adele's turn for dipping.

What can you see, Josef?

Damon caught a fish!

Nature Journalling..

Spot the Cicada on Avril?

Josef found some interesting things.

All ready for our walk :)

It is Potty Training Time!!!!

Josef received new undies, but wearing one wasn't enough. he had to wear all of them!!

Avril's Week

Phonics instruction using smarties!!! I have found a free reading programme at Free Reading.

Learning our letters D, O and G, using Progressive Phonics.

Playing a Peter Rabbit colour in board game from Peter rabbits Big Book of Fun.

MEP Maths Free - counting 1 - 5 forwards and backwards.

Damons' responsibility this week is to teach Avril about Hippo's! Avril has wanted to know more about these creatures for a while :)

Damon read an animal encyclopedia with her.

Damon showed her a map of Africa and had her copy it.

Damon had her draw for 5 minutes whilst he set a timer to show her how long a hippo can hold it's breath. When the timer sounded, we discovered African music.

Damon showed her how to write Africa and she copied.

Damon fed her apples as Hippo's eat fruit.

He did a really great job.

Damon and Adele are staring a journey with the genre of Adventure! We are still continuing with DITHOR this year for our reading programme. Damon is reading Black Stallion. Adele will read Dolphin Adventure and Stone Fox.

But before we could continue we discussed 'Adventure' and what the genre was. To learn about this genre they played a game of Battleship.

Much to Damon's delight he has returned to BBC Dance Mat Typing.

Adele and her kites :)

At the end of the holidays Adele became inquisitive about kites. So we have spent our first week back starting an investigation into all things 'kites'. We wrote down questions to help our investigation. We discussed where we would discover our answers, as well as what we will do with it.

She wanted to start with 'How Do We make a Kite?'

She searched on the internet for a while finding lots of information but she eventually settled for a video she found on YouTube. She watched the video whilst jotting down the procedure roughly.

She then wanted to test out the procedure, so we each made one, with Josef's help :)

 You can't see this very well but it looks just like in the video, she did a very good job following her procedure. Now just to see if it will fly!

Check out the Homeschool Brag Time at Chestnut Grove Academy.


  1. Looks like lots of fun and learning! We use Dance Mat Typing too :)

    1. My son loves Dance mat typing. I stopped by your blog and took away lots of great information.

  2. Looks like quite the week! Thanks for linking up at BTT!! :D

  3. Anne...I really like your blog! The recipes look delicious and we are homeschoolers as well. I love the photos and just wish some of yours were a little bigger. I look forward to checking you out in the future.


    1. Thanks, I love to cook and find new exciting recipes to try out.

      I never sure how big to publish my photos.

      I checked out your blog and really enjoyed seeing how you helped that little calf :) It must have been a great experience for the kids.