Monday, 13 February 2012

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday!!! Magnum Ego Pancakes!!!

Yes!!! You read correctly!! Magnum Ego Ice cream Pancakes...very simple but oh, so delicious!

This evening we decided to have pancakes with ice cream, but guess what!....My big boy forgot about mum and ate the last of the ice cream :( I was a little sad until I realised that I had a Magnum in the freezer :)!!!

Now as naughty as this seems, it was so worth it! I took this magnum out of it's wrapper. I broke up the Magnum inside my pancake. I folded over the pancake and squished the ice cream inside!!! And I left it to melt for a minute, then I drizzled over some maple syrup (just a little!!). Then I tucked into a creamy, sweet, gooey pancake really must try this...yummy!!

Now the picture below does not look that impressive, but believe me, once you try this, it may just become a regular treat!!

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