Friday, 24 February 2012

A step into the past and a fun 'splash'!

This week has been a mighty big one!!! We managed one morning of study at home. But that is great because we spent the rest of the week exploring the world.

On Monday we explored Australia a 100 - 150 years ago. As a home schooling group we headed to a local attraction where the kids (and adults!!) were able to experience hands on activities of life in the past.

 Here is Damon and a friend using a washing board and soap to scrub clothing.

 What I love about homeschooling is that everyone is involved not just the school age kids :) Here is Josef having a go at washing the clothes.

We were able to explore the shelter that Captain Thunderbolt, a bush ranger had once resided. The kids tried to guess what each room may have been used for.

 There was also the opportunity to try out old-fashioned play. Here are a group of kids playing tug o war.

 You can do it!!! Pull!!

 Here is Josef and a friend trying to work out the ring toss!

And Damon had his first experience of playing elastics!!

Next we were off to the sheds to explore. To demonstrate how the horses helped power the farm machinery, Damon and friend were chosen to re-enact!

After spending some time in my boys group I headed off to discover what the girls were up to.
I found them at the washing station.

Avril was having a ball!!

Inside the Homestead we explored each room and saw lots of antique furniture and other items. Below is the kitchen where we were shown how different items worked. The small tin bath was interesting especially hearing that the men washed first, then the women and lastly the children all in the same water once a week!!! EEEWWWW!! Doesn't that sound delightful, but they knew no different :)

Another station was the water bucket carrying. This is where Damon learned a lesson in listening!! lol I asked him to hold the hose so that I could turn it on, but sadly he placed it back onto the grass and unfortunately (hehe!!), Josef picked it up!! And much to his delight he hosed down Damon and the other kids standing around, soaking them all!! Thankfully it was a hot day!!

 I left the boys to their water carrying and headed to find the girls playing games. Here is Adele and Avril having a turn at the elastics.

 Next the girls headed to the sheds where it was Adele's turn to play horse.

Then I returned to find two drenched boys!! The water had been too much of a temptation, lol!! It had been a long, hot day :) Lots learned and lots of fun.

Tuesday morning was our only morning at home this week!! Damon decided to use his time to make some cupcakes with his brother.

 Avril who started piano lessons this term spent time practising. Avril also started ballet this week. Here she is pretending to be a cat. they are practising a routine to Memory from Cats the musical.

Damon moved himself to his room to write and illustrate his Bible journal. We have started a character study on obedience.

Adele decided instead of drawing her apple tree lifecycle, that she wanted to paint it on her new easel.

On Wednesday Adele heads off to drama class with other homeschoolers. This week they had to bring a hat as a prop. Here she is wearing a beret I picked up in Paris for her.

And Damon decided it would be fun to continue with Hippo studies. So here they are moving around like hippo's trying to imitate their sound, lol!!

On Thursday we headed off to a local indoor pool for our homeschool swimming carnival.

It was a great opportunity to catch up with friends.

Here is Avril determined but scared and ready to cry, entering the noodle race! I had no idea she would race! I was shocked and impressed. And even though she was scared she jumped in and had a go!

And she was rewarded with a ribbon - go Avril!!

Adele is always keen to get in and have a go! She entered every race.

 Damon also had a go in quite a few races.

The kids after the races were excited as the pool had organised to set up the inflatable for them.

A really great day!!

The rest of the week was spent with friends. Here are the kids thrilled and waiting to delight in some chocolate cake that our friends baked for morning tea!!

Damon was excited about this event as we caught up with one of his close friends from school.

It was a lovely relaxing morning and a playful one for the kids.

A very energetic and tiring week. I couldn't do this every week but once it while it is such great fun.

To see more homeschool adventures head to Chestnut Grove Academy.


  1. For some reason I can't see any of your pictures :? Which is too bad, b/c it sounds like lots of fun! Thanks for sharing at BTT!!

  2. well, after posting a comment, they all showed up....odd. Looks like lots of fun! My kids would love that large blow up at the pool!

  3. The blow up thingy was wonderful. The kids had so much fun. It was a big week though, we were all exhausted at the end of it all. But it was lots of fun. Thanks for dropping by :)