Saturday, 18 February 2012

A week discovering light and shadows....

This week we read about about how God created the light and dark, how He is our light. We had two tasks  this week to discover more about light and shadows. Firstly we had to draw around our feet, then outline our shadows. An hour later we would return, place our feet in the same place and mark out our new shadows to see how they moved throughout the day. We talked about the earth rotating and how the sun stays still.

 Damon had to strike a pose!

Here is Avril's report of the experiment :)

Our next activity was to create a sun dial. It was so simple, all we needed was a terracotta pot, a stick and a marker. The sun did the rest! Each hour the kids were required to mark off the shadow.

 This is one of our own creations!!

And another!!

We are loving 106 Days of Creation.

Each Monday afternoon we have a kids book club at a friends house. Each of the kids bring a book to share.

 After sharing their books, the kids take off for some playtime.
 Adele decided as part of her kite studies, she would buy herself a kite and test it out. She decided it would be fun to share it with her friends.

They did a wonderful job working it all out. They worked out how to get it into the air and how to tell which way the wind was blowing.

We are so thankful for Cathy opening up her house for this each week. The kids have a wonderful time. Check out Cathy's blog at Women Bible Life.

We have been trying to memorise the books of the Bible, so this week we decided to play a game of catch whilst reciting the names.
Whilst the girls were off doing their thing this week, the boys decided it was time for some special time together.

 Damon and Josef also sorted the Frog Life Cycle magnets together.

Damon this week was required to type up his poetry memorisation. He did a wonderful job illustrating it.

 Here he is continuing his Lar Gibbon project.

For history this week the kids were required to read The true story of Noah's Ark, but as we had read it before, I left the kids to listen to an audio version of it.

Avril continues to love Kindergarten. This week we played a game of Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry. She loves this game.

Avril was delighted to receive Ollie this week from playgroup. Ollie is our playgroup pet that each of the children take home fro a week and report back their adventures.

Ollie was a great help with school.

Ollie enjoyed taking a nap.

Ollie and Avril played Pet shops.

Damon taught Ollie all about flowers.

Here is Ollie helping mum teach Avril.

Ollie enjoyed a game with Avril. We are still using food for game pieces!! Lollies this time!

Ollie helped Avril understand her character lesson on Obedience. Here she is drawing a picture of her being obedient.

O for Ollie!!

Which line is longer? Which line is shorter? Ollie can you help?

This week Avril learned about vertical and horizontal lines. Here she is tracing lines.

Ollie what a great help you are :)

We practiced listening again. How many words am I saying Avril? She is getting really good at this.

Piglet what is that you are saying? F-O-X? Fox, that's it!

Well done Avril they all have their cards!

Avril learned to look for patterns this week, completing a pattern on her own.

We counted items working out if each person had on. Were there any left over?

Avril used string to work out if there were enough for each person.

Good counting Avril!!

This week the girls have had a lot of fun playing with paper dolls and creating backgrounds for them. I found these at Betsy McCall.

 We had an exciting outing this week with some friends. I have always wanted to do water sports. And I got the opportunity this week - thanks guys!!!


Knee Boarding!! That's me!!!

 Josef loved being on the boat!!! 

And that was our week!!! Please check out more Homeschool Adventures at Chestnut Grove.

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