Monday, 27 February 2012

My First Hands On Bible Book Review.

At Christmas I decided that it was time to update my four year olds Bible. I spent a lot of time in our local Christian book shop trying to find the 'right' one for her. I wanted something 'special', something a little different that tells God's truths. And I found one My First Hands On Bible, Tyndale Kids.

When I picked it I knew it was the best of the selection for Avril. But until we started to use it I had no idea how fantastic this little Bible really is.

This is what I love.....

1. It uses real Bible text unlike most preschool bibles.
2. Whilst we are reading the text there are three different hand prints scattered in the borders of the page and within the text, which you match and read the activity. These indicate a hands on activity. This helps the child become a part of what is being read.
3. There is a Jesus Connection note with every story, pointing to Jesus from old to new testament.
4. There is a Let's Talk section with simple questions to prompt a conversation with your child.
5. There is always a simple activity to do like Cloud watching or floating a boat in Tub Time.
6. And there is always a prayer time to share.

If your child likes to be active and involved in their Bible reading, then this is a fantastic book to encourage this. It is clear and simple. The illustrations are bright and colourful. I am having a lot of fun reading this with Avril. 

Find this Bible at Amazon.

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