Friday, 10 February 2012

What the rest of us have been up to in homeschooling...

We have all been trying to learn the books of the Bible. Thankfully Colin Buchanan is very helpful with this.
 Damon singing and Adele reading her Little Keepers of the Home. Apparently as they complete the tasks in this book I can buy badges for them...will have to check this out :) Damon is working though Little Contenders of the Faith.
 Here is Josef dancing to Colin Buchanan singing the books of the bible.
Adele did her spelling test with chalk this week.

 Adele and I enjoyed doing beading this week as our handicraft. I made a bracelet for Adele and Adele made  matching necklace. Avril later on created a bracelet for me.

Adele decided this week that she would like to create a cardboard box suitcase, so she did!
 This week we bought a pencil set that came with a stamping set. The kids had fun using their stamps in their new journals.

This is what Damon and Josef were up to during our bible time!

 Damon has been working through his DITHOR book, reading The Black Stallion.

And he has also chosen to research the Lar Gibbon.

On thursday we headed out for our nature study afternoon. We are currently reading from Outdoor Secrets and following the activities as well (from Simply Charlotte Mason).

 Adele brought along her monkey friend :)
 Lunchtime in the park. Notice my first homemade bread roll :)
 Josef asking to go on the equipment.

Adele enjoying her orange, lol!

 Look at monkey enjoying the playground.
 And mum!
 Adele too!!
 And Avril and Josef!

 Josef pushing Damon :)
 Josef is sitting because he can no longer walk!!
 We have some free sketching time whilst we are out in our nature journals. Adele decided to sketch the tree below.
 And Avril surprised me by sketching the grass.
 Below is Avril's tree, she even copied the word.

 Damon writing about his Red bellied Black snake encounter at the park!!!!

 Adele's tree.
 Adele sketching.
 Using the watercolours.
 Adeles' tree water coloured.

And Josef took a nap on our rug :)

Damon's duck....Chestnut Teal.

 We began Wind in the Adele thought it would be perfect as she is investigating wind in her kite project.

In our Outdoor Secrets story we are looking at the apple blossoms. We read a story about an apple tree who is bare, grows green buds, and then receives her blossom, only to lose it again. She is sad wondering where it has gone. Then one day as her apples are dropping a mother shows her son where the blossoms have gone. Inside the apple!!
Avril cut open the apple revealing the blossom shape. 

 Next the kids sketched the half apple, with blossom, and used waterolours to colour it.

 Avril really enjoyed painting.

Here are Adele's pictures.

 Damon finding a small lizard during Bible time.
Our first attempt at chalk drawing.

For science we are using 106 Days of Creation at Simply Charlotte Mason. This week we looked at light. Adele is seen here creating a journal title page for the first day of creation.

Holding candles whilst listening to how God made light and dark.

 Adele reading her Bible.

DITHOR reading...

We ended our week with a Nerf gun battle....

 And the littlies played on the playground between showers...

It has been a wonderful week.

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  1. We'll be reading the Dolphin Adventure very soon as well :D Great activities, and such great little artists you have there! Thanks for linking up at BTT!!