Friday, 10 February 2012

Our second week of kindergarten...

This week the kids were very excited as we had our first ripe strawberry. This is our first attempt at growing something. And we seem to be doing alright.

This week the kids enjoyed making and playing in goop.

The kids decided one morning that it would be fun to do some painting before school. Here is Adele with one of her butterfly paintings.

Avril is really enjoying being in Kindergarten.

This week we had to introduce our own family. We had to count how many adults and how many kids. She decided that she wanted to write our names. And she did a fantastic job!

Avril loves her math lessons and loves having sheets to guide our hands on learning. This week we had shapes that she had to remake with matchsticks. She also had to count how many sticks were used in their creation.

She also had to copy the same colours from one picture filling in a blank one. But she decided it was boring being the same so she did her own thing! 

Avril had to tear paper into the shapes of the bear below creating her own bear.

She told me this was Nanny bear, lol!
Josef decided it looked like fun and joined in too!

We arrived home late yesterday afternoon and Avril insisted that we do some math work! So here she is drawing lines with a ruler.

She really is her mothers' daughter, she loves using food for learning :) She had to follow instructions to place her mini marshmallows onto 1st, 2nd or the 3rd lines on her page. And she had to listen carefully for how many she had to place.

Next she had to draw shapes on the different lines. Below here is her first attempts at drawing a triangle.

We finished off with a game. Avril made the cards with varying amounts of dots. The first to five raspberries won.

Then it was time to eat our counters...yum!

During our FreeReading exercise, Dora helped us to hear words phonetically. Avril had to listen to Dora, who was speaking very strangely today, and help find her the right card amongst a choice of three.

Avril had to use Smarties this week to record the amount of words that she heard me say. She had to listen very carefully and she did a wonderful job.

Avril decided to take her matchsticks and create her name, using a Smartie as the dot on i.

Adele decided to join in the fun too. 

Avril enjoyed reading some books in our library box. Both the girls really enjoy Fancy Nancy.

Avril decided to take the chalk and practice her letters outside this week.

Here she is drawing a picture of us at the beach.

Avril really enjoyed a splash in the paddling pool this week. The weather has been quite wet recently so a break was nice.

Avril has always been scared of touching animals, so it was a delight to find her with a frog on her head!!

Avril always loved to help me in the kitchen. Here she is cracking some eggs for me.

Our second week of kindergarten and we are both enjoying it.
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