Friday, 10 August 2012

A drizzly day to go walking in the clouds!!!

We started our day off at a park again!! This day was cold and drizzly at times. The kids loved playing at this park as there was many things to explore.

But soon enough it was time for a walk and guess what Josef found many koalas along the road!!! (imaginary) And he insisted that Damon capture them on photograph!!! lol

It wasn't long before we headed off in the drizzle to Mt Dandenong lookout! And what a day to do it!! It was cold but it was wonderful walking through the low clouds. It was quite funny too, as Avril forgot her coat and needed to wear Nanny's ski jacket!! And Adele needed my cardigan!!!

There was a lot to explore at the look out but unfortunately due to the weather a lot of it was shut!

But that didn't stop Adele who took off with the map and guided us to all of the interesting spots to explore.

Avril settling down for a quick rest!!

But eventually we made it to the English garden where we found this tree!! The kids loved it and it had a legend attached!!

We also found little bridges and paths to explore. The kids loved exploring the garden.

 We also found the Giant's chair!!!

 Despite the cold we really enjoyed our adventures at the look out!! and look forward to returning there in better weather.

But that wasn't the end of the fun times for that day in Melbourne. Nanny had organised a surprise Christmas in July!!! What a meal we shared!!! The kids enjoyed telling the jokes out of their Christmas crackers.

What a cold adventure ended with a warm Christmas dinner!!!

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