Thursday, 16 August 2012

Last week of our break...

We have now done one cycle of our new homeschool routine - 6 weeks, one week off, six weeks, four weeks off. It has been great, especially the week break in the middle of the 12 weeks. I am not sure if I will take 4 weeks off again (unless we need it!) as it may have been too long, but I'll see how we go.

I do love watching my kids during the break as they come up with many imaginative ways to entertain themselves. So this is our week...

Playing Cats....they  made their own beds, drank out of bowls of water and walked around on all fours purring and meowing :)

Gymnastics...the girls loved watching the gymnastics on the Olympics, so they made up their own version using maracas and ribbons..

Cooking...Avril is always there to lend a hand.

 Spring Cleaning...Josef wanted to lend a hand.

Budding Photographer...Josef surprised us with the camera!!

More Cubbies...

Injuries!!! Avril bashed her head this week and although you can't see it in this photo, she gave herself two black eyes and a lump in between them.
 Creating books...

Playing Dolls...

 Playing House....I had to play postwoman for them to deliver their special letters!!

See their letter boxes and their door numbers.

Surprisingly the past couple of days has felt like spring, so we ate lunch outside.

Park visit...Josef and Avril took turns helping each other on the flying fox.

Adele, Damon and Daddy played footy...

Horse Riding...the thing they hang out all week for!!! And this week even Josef had a turn!!

He would not take off his helmet.

This week they were out in the paddock.

A great end to a long week back into our homeschool routine :)

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