Friday, 10 August 2012

On our way home....Hillview Farmstay, Gundagai

We pulled into the gate and I began to feel the excitement building inside of me. I turned to look at the kids and they were grinning from ear to ear. Damon had once again found a gem of a place to stay over night.

As we pulled up we spotted little ponies and a group of chickens being guarded by their rooster. The chickens did not impress Josef as he squealed and ran terrified of these roaming birds.

Our host had not yet arrived home from work, so we strolled around the property. The kids ran around, excited and thrilled by their surroundings. They spotted Mummy pigs with their tiny and black ones. They greeted the ponies and spotted the resident dogs. They discovered a pond, fruit trees and a tennis court. We were all thrilled to be out of the car and exploring our new surroundings.
Below you can see our home for the night. It was a delightful loft house. We were pleased to find it was well equipped and warmed us with a wonderful air conditioner. Avril ran and opened the fridge to find a bowl of fresh eggs, bacon, juice and milk all supplied for breakfast.

 Our host arrived and was immediately taking the kids on a tour of the farm. He took no time for himself after work, instead he delighted the kids allowing them to feed the pigs.

The adventure didn't end there, next he was leading them through the garden, past mandarin, orange and  grapefruit trees. And he allowed the kids to delight their taste buds, cutting open the fruit and allowing them to eat their freshly picked fruits. But it didn't end there, they also received a bounty of fruit to take home.

There was even some edible fruits that looked like oranges and mandarins, but were very sour!!! Adele was brave and took a suck!!

Their next adventure was to call over the ponies for their tea time. 

 I will never stay in a motel room again!!! For me , I feel to pay that much money for a night, then there needs to be an adventure had. And we surely had an adventure at Hillview Farmstay.

There really was a chill in the air so it was time to hide away in our warm loft house.

 The kids arose early excited to be heading out on a morning adventure on the farm. The pigs were their first stop, with more feeding much to the pigs delight!

 Damon spotted a birds nest...

 We said good morning to the ponies and spotted the Alpaca..

 But we couldn't leave before Damon challenged me to a game of tennis!! And the others explored..

I would definitely recommend a stopover at Hillview Farmstay on your travels between Melbourne and Sydney.

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