Friday, 10 August 2012

The Adventures continue at home...

This term we have organised some Home school Horse Riding Classes. The girls have been so excited about attending these. And the day finally arrived!

At first Avril was quite nervous but she warmed up eventually.

Adele had no fear throwing herself straight into it!

The girls and their friends helped by grooming the horses.

Then it was time to collect our horses and head out to the riding arena.

We all watched on as the girls were getting used to their horses.

 Then it was time to learn to sit and walk.

Avril watched on until it was her turn.

That time eventually came and she hopped on!

All the kids were grinning from ear to ear after their lesson. They all couldn't wait for their next one!

As we are taking our four week break at the end of our 12 week block, the girls spent the week playing and  making slushies.

Adele practised her hula hooping!

But most of the time was spent in their cubby house with their teddies.

I had to put this one in, it was so yummy!!! Prawn taco's!!! You'll find it in last weeks menu plan, so good!!

We had a visit from our great friend Natalie. She came for a flying visit as she waited for a visa to return to India where she is a missionary.

The girls enjoyed playing many games with Natalie like Find the Gumboot! Which then changed to Find the Teddy!

We had great fun playing Hide n Seek in the Dark.

But all too soon it was time to farewell our friend until next time, after sharing a giant sleeping bag, playing games, eating choccie and just enjoying her company!! Safe travels Natalie!! And God Bless U in India!!

This morning I was so impressed with Damon as he showed Josef how to use a screwdriver to change the batteries in his train. What a great big Brother!!!

We have had very strong winds the last couple of days. After parking my car on the lawn, I returned to find half of a tree lying in front of it!!

Well that was our week..I hope u had a great one too!

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