Thursday, 9 August 2012

Adventures in Melbourne...The Puffing Billy Railway.

The kids were so excited about this trip.
Steam trains, they have always wanted to ride a steam train. The boys had an opportunity when we were in England but this was the girls first trip. And the first one Josef might remember...The Puffing Billy Steam Railway.

It was a lovely trip through the rainforest.

We all had time to snuggle.

 And peer out the windows.
 When we reached Lakeside we headed off for a picnic near the water.

And Damon spotted some wildlife.

Josef was too interested in exploring to keep up!! :)

Where are u???

The girls had fun playing in the fallen leaves..

 Lakeside was beautiful!!! If it hadn't been so cold we would have spent the day exploring the whole area.

We found a fitness park...go Nanny!!!

And some great trees to climb...

And the picnic was made even more special by the great Jam doughnuts Nanny brought along :)

Then it was time to leave and Josef was proud to be the one holding Nanny's hand.

Adele delighted in exploring the area and found some interesting leaves.

The kids were delighted on the way home as Nanny braved the cold and sat in the open window carriage! This meant that the kids could sit, feet dangling out, on the window.

See all the legs!!

Well the big ones, Josef stayed safely inside the carriage!!

 The Puffing Billy was a hit!!

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