Friday, 10 August 2012

Final Adventures in Melbourne.

Damon had been eager to travel into Melbourne and take a tram.
We started our journey on a City train headed for Flinders Station.

The kids enjoyed walking around taking in the sights...a cow sculpture in a tree!!!

We stumbled on a Roman exhibition.

And Adele and Avril decided to spend their pocket money on new cute beanies and mittens.

But we didn't forget the trams!! We road on the free city circle tram. And it was crowded!!!

After a day in Melbourne we were exhausted heading home on the train!

The following day we headed for another park. And the kids loved the winter trees and leaves.

They also loved exploring the gardens finding interesting items.

Damon decided to practice some photography whilst on this excursion...

Next it was time for the playground...

I love being outdoors with my kids exploring our environment.

The next day was the long awaited adventure with Nanny to Lake Mountain Resort...for some more Snow Play!!! We had been a bit worried as this year hasn't been good for snow fall. And although the snow hadn't fallen heavily, there was enough!! And the kids were thrilled!

Damon was eager to engage in a snow ball fight with me!!! 

We also had our first taste of skiing. And I have to say the two big kids were naturals!!

Even Nanny had a turn! Go Nanny!

We didn't forget the toboggan run!!! We love to sled down the slopes.Even Josef who is now very independent at it!

Damon was still eager to continue the snowball fight!!!

What a holiday we many adventures!!! 

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