Monday, 6 August 2012

Adventures in Melbourne...Lilydale Park.

The weather was cold and chilly but the kids were still keen for a run, so we headed for a park.

 There was much to explore and everyone had fun. But there was still the pond to explore, so we headed for the sandy area near the water.

Josef loved being near the water and despite the weather he decided a paddle shoes and all was in order!

The girls on the other hand were playing house using the large stones near the sand.

 Damon spent his time practising his photography...

Our next adventure was strolling around the pond.

 Until we reached a bridge and then a game of Pooh Sticks was started!!

 Avril found enough sticks to race for all of us!!

 So back to the race!

 After lots of fun playing Pooh Sticks we headed off around the pond.

 The kids delighted in exploring the Pond environments...

 It was lovely watching the kids enjoy each others company..

It really was a lovely walk around the pond.

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