Monday, 27 August 2012

A great start to 'school'!!

Our first week back into 'school' routine was great. When I reflect on the past year and a half I can see how much we have relaxed and changed our style of 'school'. 

After last weeks trip to the park, our swings have had a workout as a result. They love twisting them around and around!!!
 As you can see the weather is magnificent...spring is on its' way!!!

The girls easily slipped into homeschool tasks this week. They both started with their art. They have been working through the How Great Thou Art, art curriculum. Adele is learning about the colour wheel and mixing colours, plus complementary colours.

Josef and Avril didn't want to miss out on here they are at their painting table.

As a result of the glorious weather, Avril asked if we could build a cubby and have a picnic.

The picnic moved inside the cubby!!

 During Adele's Language Arts this week she had to do Poetry appreciation, so we read the poem and she illustrated the borders to show the meanings of the verses. She also practiced reading the poem aloud, using expression and rhythm.

 Last week we started a unit on The Sun of God in our Five in a Row manual. This resulted in a geography lesson on Italy. They cut out, coloured and attached the story discs to our globe.

We then shaded in a map of Europe, showing where France and Italy are.

 We also made their passports, sticking in stamps to show that we have visited France and Italy in our reading journey.

 Adele started to read Little House in The Big Woods. To accompany this journey we are doing some activities that tie in well. Adele created a little log house.

She is holding an Italian flag as that was another task we did this week.

 Avril continued on with her art also. We were up to number and letter stories.

She also continued on with MEP maths.

The kids also created a boat to float in our pool...

Josef was eager to create a bird feeder again!!

 On Wednesdays we have the delight to have friends to share our homeschool day with.

 And as a reward for great work we headed to an indoor play centre.

 On Sunday night we thrilled by Adele using puppets to tell us the story of Ester in the bible.

The kids had a treat this week when meeting some tiny kittens...

What a great return to 'school' routine!

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