Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Adeles photos from excursion and a couple extras!!

She decided also to take some shots of Barbie and Ken. The story was a boy and girl meeting, falling in love, getting married, sharing their first kiss and then having kids plus lots of adventure!! Well there was one photo she showed me and I was shocked but it had a very innocent explanation!! Here it is!

And this was the innocent explanation. Ken was dancing with Barbie and he fell over her shoe, and they both crashed down!! :) here is the photo that came first.

Here are some of their adventures!

The photo of barbie and Ken with the muscley man is during their wedding!! Adele said that she needed a priest but she couldn't find him any clothes!! All she could find was a cloak!! I tried to cover him up!! she said :). Another innocent explanation!! lol

They are having great fun with their cameras!

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