Monday, 8 August 2011

Update on helpers around the home :)

We have decided to change around kitchen roles each week, not once a month, as I think this will suit our family better. This week Dd 7 is on brekkie, Dd4 is still on lunch (I thought dinner would be too much and she has started to sleep in every morning!!) and ds 10 is on dinner.

The kids love this part of the day!! Cooking with mum in the kitchen. I am also able to leave them to do a set task whilst I attend to something else. It is great!!

Adele this morning made butterfly eggy toast for brekkie. She did a wonderful job almost making it independently.

A few months ago the housework got on top of me and I decided to get the kids to help. And i decided to get them to help with the washing up, my least favourite chore. They hated it!! And they did a horrible job at it! I ended up frustrated and gave up, they didn't have to wash up anymore. So what is the difference this time?

I think it helped starting this new routine after visiting my sister, as they had been helping their cousins with their jobs. So it was easier to slip into a similar routine here. But also I was listening to a preacher talking about training up children. He explained that what we say to our children may not compute in their heads how we intended. So giving them orders and sending them off without showing them how (training them), may not work and lead to frustration in both the child and the parent. To train a child we need to be close by, give clear loving instructions with a demonstration and support as they practice the new skills. It does take time to train a child in many ways, but it is really worth it.

I have to say that that dreaded job of washing up for all of us, is no longer a chore, it is a delight. We are working together and seeing results from ou labour. It is not a frustration to me or them. It is great spending time with them in the kitchen, as well as watching them develop new skills, learn diligence and responsibility.

I thank God for all of the lessons he is giving me at the moment. I am growing, the kids are growing, our relationships are strengthening. Most importantly we are learning to strengthen our relationship with Him. And I am so thankful that He will continue to soften our hearts to His ways, teach us wisdom and give us His love everyday. I am so thankful for His grace and guidance in our everyday. God is great!!!He is an Awesome God.

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