Monday, 8 August 2011

An opportunity for a change of plans!

Today we met some homeschool friends at the library. It was nice catching up as it had been a while. No formal school today.

Ds 10 had a shocker of a visit to the library!! A few months ago he asked if he could be responsible for his own books, bringing them back on time and paying any overdue fees if he forgot! Well we returned what I thought was all the library books a couple of weeks ago. Now Dh was helping Ds 10 tidy his room and came across some library books which we returned today. And my son discovered that he had $20 in library fines! Whoops!! A great lesson but so sad as this is how much pocket money he has saved!! So as you can expect he is not very happy :(

But on a lighter note, although it was forecast to rain, we had lovely warm winter morning at the park outside the library. The kids played and us mums had tea and hot chocolate at the cafe!! :) It really was very relaxing and a pleasant morning.

I really enjoyed getting down to the park with them today and giving them a push on the swings and merry go round.

Then we headed off to sewing with our friend Beth. She is fanatstic, she has opened her home to the kids and I each monday for a sewing workshop. She helped us design our own cushion covers and is teaching us each week how to compile them. It is great fun and we really enjoy our time with her.

Damon finished his cushion today, he was so chuffed :)

I spent the time doing my back stitch, to sew the words 'love u, cross my heart forever' onto DD4 cushion (as she can't make her own yet!). I am up to forever, so nearly there.

Dd7 is doing a great job, she sewed her ribbon leaves on today.

Today we went through the process of sewing in a zip. It certainly was a bit tricky!! But thankfully Beth is there to guide us! And the kids did such a great job!

I have to say my kiddies are reme,bering all the steps we are taught better than I am. I am so lucky to have them along with me!

This is one of my favourite things about homeschooling, learning something new together. It is so exciting and a great time together.

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