Monday, 29 August 2011

Adventures with Dad :)

My husband is really good at spending special time with the kids. Last week he took them on a photography excursion because they missed theirs on friday. They took a trip into Newcastle viewed photography in the Lovett Gallery, then took photos in Civic park plus along the ocean. They all came back with wonderful photos.

Last weekend was our church women's night away at Tahlee. We had a wonderful night and day away, learning about Rahab and faith. We played games, chatted, made a flip flop card and ate. It was a lovely time away.

The kids also had a wonderful time here at home with Dad. They dressed up, they cooked a bbq, they played, they visited the park and collected water for Charlie and Liam the tadpoles. They had a wonderful time with Dad. I am so thankful for him.


And the park visit...

And when I returned I was greeted by a BBq dinner
(cooked by them all!) and a dwarf umbrella tree. I am very well looked after

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