Sunday, 28 August 2011

Other things we have been doing!!

My kids really have settled into their kitchen duties well. Damon has been cooking and preparig some lovely breakfasts for us over the past two weeks. For the next couple of weeks we will be sampling Adeles delights at breakfast, as we have now swapped. One great thing about kitchen helping is the way the younger kids like to help their bigger brother or sister. avril loves to help Damon in the the kitchen at brekkie.

Nearly a year ago we bought an apple slinki (a great way to get kids to eat fruit!!). They are fun and make fruit more interesting to kids who would prefer something else :) My kids all took turns this week using this machine to prepare their apples for fun eating.

Josef has developed a love of books like his big brother, especially if they are train books. He loves trains. I walked into the lounge room last week to discover Josef strateched out on the floor reading a train book with Damon looking on in delight.

Thanks to play school Josef discovered my saucepans and how much noise they can make! And they can make some noise!! He spent some time delighting in banging as loud as he could!

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