Monday, 29 August 2011

A wonderful spring day out and about.

It has been a glorious day today. The sun has been shining and we have been outdoors enjoying it :)

We met some good friends in the park this morning for a play and morning tea. We hadn't been to this particular park before and found that it was very family friendly. There was something there for everyone, even us big kids!!

The kids had such a lovely time chasing each other, taking turns pushing the swings and spinning.

Josef decided today that the swing was owned by him and only him! He was sitting quietly eating his morning tea when he spotted one of his friends hopping onto the swing!! And he dropped his biscuits, jumped off the equipment he was sat on and bolted for that swing!! He was so quick I couldn't believe it! And he was devastated when he realised that neither mum nor damon was going to kick off his friend so that he could go back on!!

It was also very muddy in areas around the pond today. I was walking very carefully with Avril and thought I had avoided all the mud, when 'SQUELCH!!', up to the ankle in mud!!! Avril thought it was so funny, cracking up at mum squelching around!! Heather (my friend) thought it hilarious when I arrived back at the play equipment pne shoe on, one shoe off, heading for some nappy wipes :)

We later decided to take a walk around the pond. My keen nature observer, Damon, was very keen for this and all the other kids followed. He spotted them a giant water skink which he tried to catch on camera, only to be disappointed when it shot off! They spotted tadpoles and ducks. The little kids loved following Damon along the waters edge and amongst the trees and bushes.

It was beautiful around the pond. Lots of things to explore, touch and throw into the pond - hey kids!! It was a lovely morning with lovely company.

Then this afternoon, much to Damons delight, we pulled up to Beths' home for sewing, only to spot a bearded dragon sunning itself on her front lawn. He was so excited, jumping straight out of the car, calling 'where's the camera?'! After taking a couple of shots, Damon shared his discovery with Lincoln, Beths son.

Sewing was so exciting today. Adele and I have now finished our cushions. I have now given mine to Avril (she is sleeping on it now!!) and Adele is delighted. They both look great, so thankyou Beth for great instruction and encouragement. We are so excited to choose our next project. Adele is thinking she wants to make a dress and Damon a patchwork quilt. I am not sure yet, I need some inspiration :)

Whilst we were sewing Abbie and Josef crept off into mischief!! Well not really...just exploring all the rooms in the house.

I love homeschool days like these...relaxed, flexible and thoroughly enjoyable :)

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