Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Unit 3: day 2 Peoples spreading out

I am so excited!! We completed one whole day of Preparing!!! I think we are settling into the new curriculum. We have been enjoying it heaps but I never imagained we would complete a whole day in 1 day, but we did! We even did the poetry lesson from day 1 as well!! I am very happy :)

We also achieved heaps of triumphs!! Adele is always whinging about reading independently during science!! But today she sat and read it all by herself and she was amazed by what she was reading!! I was amazed and impressed with her achievement. I was thrilled by her enthusiasm :) She was amazed that in the Arctic Tundra a 100 year old tree could be only 4 inches tall!! And also that none of the plants there would reach above your knee!!

Another triumph for Adele was dictionary work!! I had always noticed that Adele still had problems remembering the order of the alphabet, so when we started dictionary work, she was a little nervous. Today she only required small amounts of support and has begun to work more independently on this. I am amazed as we are only in unit 3!! She has made some amazing accomplishments in such a short time.

Damon made a great effort in changing the poem 'Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson, to 'Snow' by Damon. He wrote:

The snow is sprinkling all around,
It falls on cars and houses,
It sprinkles on grass here,
And on the forest far away.

Our history project is making cave paintings. Last week we tried to dye paper brown with tea bags with disastorous effects!! LOL So this week we found the brown paper bags!! :) The kids cut out a cave door flap. I printed off a mammoth and a bison cave painting for them to copy (because I don't have our reader, Life In the Great Ice Age because I left it at my sisters!!). The kids copied one of these pictures onto their caves with amazing results! Avril went for her own version of a turtle :)

Reading with Damon is lovely. He has his extension reader 'Uncovering the mystery of the woolly mammoth'. It backs up our readings from Life In the Great Ice Age which is the story of two tribes in the ice Age.

And to end the afternoon we spoke to the cousins via Skype, who offered to read us our school text!! lol It was lovely being able to chat with them via video call. The kids were so excited, as they never speak over the phone. And it can be months before they catch up :( Skype is great!!

I told you I would put you on my blog Julia!!! lol

What a fantastic day!! Thankyou God :)

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