Friday, 12 August 2011

A week of learning!! Preparing Unit 3!

This week we have had lots of activities to do at home.

Adele and Damon have been continuing looking at the people spreading out after the Tower of Babel. We have been reading Uncovering the mystery of the Woolly mammoth instead of our assigned reader (it is still at my sisters). The great thing about this book as it is the assigned extension reader for this unit and follows the same story but with more information. I am very thankful we could continue :)

The kids finished off their cave paintings, which they are very proud of. Adele went a step further and added hand painting as well as hunters. They both put a lot of effort into their sketching and painting.

We added to our time line adding the Tower of Babel.

Damon and Adele had english tests to complete also as they moved on in their english text.

Each week we study a poem. This week it was Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson.Each week they need to share their poem. This week they both chose to write it on index cards to send to family.

This week we have also had our 2nd piano lesson. I am really enjoying returning to a much enjoyed instrument and Adele is joining me, learning for the 1st time. I am so thankful to Julia for teaching us. Damon has been invited by Julias husband to learn the drums. And he is very keen, spending lots of time playing on them after our piano lessons :)

Avril Letter C

Avril has spent this week doing activities on the letter C. Following are photos showing what she has done.

The box she is decorating is her box house like Mr. Chatterboxes. And she is making a car with her sisters help.

Below she is making choc chip cookies and putting her name in the right order with her Avril puzzle :) She wrote the letters and we cut them up to practice with.


  1. looks like fun :) I will send that book

  2. Hi Anne...have just been reading through your blog...and i'm exhausted! You fit so much into your week..and it all looks like so much fun. I love all of your photo's - the looks on the kids faces says it all. Even with the challenges, you seem to be handling it all beautifully :)

  3. I know you will :) x

    Yes, looking at the pictures it does seem like we fit lots in! Yes the challenges sometimes can have you feeling defeated!! But I think these are strengthening exercises :) God helps me through these times. But overall I love having them here with me, learning and having fun together.