Sunday, 28 August 2011

Partying and Tadpoles

Friday was a delightful day. We had brilliant sunshine, not oo hot and not chilly either. it was wonderful. Avril had been counting down the sleeps to this day, as this was the day she was to attend Faith 4 th birthday.

Faiths family lives out in the country. And it is beautiful out there. We were delighted to spend the day out there with them.

Her mum did a beautiful job of running the party. They strated off decorating their own cupcakes, which I was delighted to share with Avril as she isn't a big cake eater, but mummy loves cake, especially the icing!!! Very yummy!!

They played some party games and had an absolute ball.

Now the big kids were having their own adventures in the pond. Damon has always wanted a pet, so on this day he decided to make this a reality by catching some tadpoles. They spent their time at the party walking through the pond (or falling into the pond!!) collecting tadpoles in water bottles.

Damon has decided to call his large tadpole Charlie and the small one Liam, after his friend from school :) Damon just spends all day staring at these wonderful creatures. He is so thrilled by his new friends and so are the rest of the family :) I just hope we look after them properly!! I think Damon will enjoy researching tadpole care and journalling their progress.

I just love that the kids get all these opportunities to explore and enjoy the world freely. Homeschool has really encouraged this in our family. And not only are the kids developing new interests and gaining confidence in new things, so am I.

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