Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday 3rd August - Unit 3 for big kids and C activities for littlies.

The hands on actvity this week for history is to create a cave painting using paper and paints. We are reading Life in the Great Ice Age (which I have left at my sisters!!). The kids had to scrunch up their paper to make it crinkly. Then they were instructed to fill a bowl with water and add tea. I tried to follow the instructions to tint their paper brown like a cave wall but ripped the paper in the process! And the paper didn't go very brown. But the crinkly bits are kind of brown. I could have used a brown paper bag but thought this would be fun and the kids did enjoy the process. We will start our cave paintings next.

Both DD7 and DS 10 teamed up today do some internet research on cave paintings. Again they decided it would be fun to create a powerpoint presentation based on the discussion questions that I had - what colour were they, what did they draw, where can they be found, were these drawn by intelligent humans, how can we tell? They need to complete this because we had a very important interruption DD 7 decided that it was time to get a fringe cut because her cousins look so good!! So off we went to the hairdressers!!

But one thing they did spend time looking at was where we can visit some local cave paintings. Anybody know of any, we found some 1 hour and half away towards Broke. Are there any closer?

The smaller kids spent time finishing their tent paintings. They had read the story of Abraham gazing at the stars and Gods promise of his children being as many as the stars. DD4 started her picture with her cousin over the weekend and we finished off with a bit of paint.

We also created letter C out of masking tape outside. DD4 decided to use chalk and make the C's into fish. DD1 tried to help which upset DD4 because her fish was to be a work of art, but she relented and they both happily created their fish, sorry sharks!

We also play acted Abraham coming out of his tent to count the stars. DD4 dressed up in a dressing gown with a t-towel on her head (including mouse ears to hold it there!!). We made a tent using a sheet over the back tree (which DS 1 thought was fun to keep pulling down, much to the disgust of DD4!).

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